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Construction and Knot Build the trebuchet

Time :2017-05-12Hit :1151

The trebuchet was a siege weapon in the ancient times, and now it turns into a game instrument. Through the team work, we will finish building the primitive and wise machines based on construction building and mechanics. 

   When building the trebuchet, the knot handling techniques will come into use.


  Is weaving knot a hand-made type? No, weaving knot is not easy at all. Bear Grylls writes “weaving knot is one of the most efficient skills in the outdoor activities” in his book Mission Survival series of children's adventure survival. 

   What is knot’s practical function?

When rock climbing, mountain climbing, river crossing, knot extends physical structure and link available nature environment together, making us survive in the outdoor environment with greater safety. 

  Does the knot only make sense outdoors?

If you study each kind of knot, you will find that every lap of wondrous curve is an interesting game. The form of knot is the presentation of mathematical mystery. Though has graceful and complex curve, it can turn back to 2-D lines.

The birth of knot

   Knot generates from life, but not ends in life. It plays a role in the origin of human civilization in transmitting culture. In the ancient times, the primitive people use knots, made of the tweaked grass, vines and bamboos , to tie up food and prey. Before the appearance of character, knot is one of the ways to record human life. Knot shows the one side of ancient civilization’s passion and intelligence.

   The value of the activity

   Children make full use of their rich imagination and strong hands-on skills to weave knots, trebuchet and gyro. They make the raw materials into the unexpectedly great works. Moreover, the activity bring children internal self-cultivation, develop their ability of operation and enhance their confidence.

   Team awareness 

During the different kinds of interesting knot games and construction courses, children will realize the significance of social relationship and team work and then gain the happiness. Team awareness will develop them physically and mentally and expose them to the greater community.

Cultural heritage

Through the team work, children will finish building the primitive and wise machine based on construction building and mechanics. When building the trebuchet and knot, children not only experience the wisdom of the ancient times, but also blend in with willful imagination. Inheriting the traditional process while expand innovative vision. 


8:30 Gathering to start

9:00-9:30 Morning exercise(self-introduction)+ice breaking game(get acquainted )

9:30-10:00 Team games(imitation)10:00-11:00 Interesting plants

10:00-10:30 sports games (prompt rapid reaction capacity)

10:30-11:00 learn skills: the usage of the tools 

11:00-11:50 learn outdoor skills: different kinds of tying knots 

11:50-13:00 Lunch time

13:00-15:00 construction: build “trebuchet” by using wood and knots

15:00-15:30sports game: keep running “cheetah cubs” 

15:30-16:30Making game tools: spinning top(practice polishing)