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What is forest education

"Forest" is a synonym for nature. Nature may be a beach, a farm, a river. In the rapid development of modern civilization under the condition of children the opportunity to contact with nature and a gradually declining trend, a new word "nature deficit disorder" into people's vision, natural deficiency (Nature Deficit Disorder) by the American writer Richard Lev (Richard Louv) proposed a phenomenon, he appears in the popular in the book: "the last child" this phenomenon refers to the modern city children and nature in the fragmented, high-tech surrounded, resulting in childhood obesity, such as attention disorder, loneliness, anger and a series of symptoms. When more and more deep and fragmented nature, this terrible vicious spiral will not only affect the health of children (such as myopia, humpback, poor resistance and so on), more psychological problems hidden: autism, social disorder, unable to concentrate, excessive pressure, depression etc..

Richard Leff pointed out that helping children return to nature and listening to the chorus of all creatures in nature is of great benefit to the growth of children. "Do not forget that man is a natural child," he reminded us.

The concept of forest school appeared in Wisconsin, USA in 1927. Wisconsin Rauna area is said to have the first world forest school. The late H.L. Russell, Dean of the Agricultural College at the University of Wisconsin Madison, constructed the concept of a forest school. His suggestion of Land Use Planning Committee of Fleiss County, 1927, a large piece of land was acquired and used to build the Rauna forest school. Wakeling McNeil, a leader of the Wisconsin 4-h, the concept of forest school into practice. The first batch of the forest school located in Wisconsin, Ronald Wabana and Clanton area.

Such an educational model is very meaningful for children. In the forest they can breathe fresh air, you can exercise a strong physique, may not need to face the complicated operation, first and then let them on the natural education is full of curiosity and positive energy to learn on their own characteristics and understand the days after the development has obvious help. No interference in television and other media, using a variety of tools usually practice, grow up happy in the city far away from noisy forest their imagination is very rich, hand eye coordination is more flexible, more focused on doing things. Carry out the "forest classroom", in a variety of activities in the game to allow children to further contact, understand nature, and thus virtually enhance the child's awareness of environmental protection. Such an environment can fully stimulate children's curiosity, exercise their physical and mental physique, less dispute.

There are several key characteristics of forest education:

It is a long-term process, and regular contact with the local woodland environment (choosing different seasons is more conducive to learning)

• following child centered pedagogy, children can learn, understand and manage risk.

There is a high adult to child ratio.

The observation of learners is very important in the learning process.

• care for the natural world.

• it pays attention to the process, not the result

Promote physical activity

• promoting positive social interaction and the carrier of language construction

Children's free activities in the forest are very helpful for their growth. For example, environmental education, ecological education, life education, personality education, children will get a lot of experience in the forest, forest education is a kind of outdoor education, children or adults visit the forest and woodland, individual learning, social and technical skills. It is defined as "an inspiring process that provides recurrent opportunities for children, adolescents and adults to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning in the woodland environment."".

Educational Idea

Uni forest school team of experts is the most authoritative expert team, the most professional, the most senior, they headed by the chairman of the British Association of Forest Education Sara Knight forest education experts. Among them: 100% engaged in Forest Education for more than 10 years; more than 100% of British forest education four level training qualification certificate (OCN certificate); 100% forest school research has many years of teaching experience; more than 80% have their own forest, forest school education training center, in 2016 Waldorf forest camp was found to bring better understanding of holistic education for all parents and children.