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         Uni Forest School, founded in 2014, is a subsidiary of UK-China Education.

It is an outdoor school with introduction of the British and German forest education system and dedicated to children forest education,

youth camp education and studying abroad projects for children aged from 3 to 13. Forest is our classroom, and nature is the teacher.

It is aimed at providing interdisciplinary general education and outdoor enlightenment to children. 

       We are committed to delivering valuable and deep outdoor courses,

opening up future-oriented education model with project learning and educational innovation.


Brand Story

Uni from Unicorn. It means that the unicorn in the west, in the East means kylin,

 such an existence in the fairy tale world in contact with the mysterious, pure, spiritual animal, even if it is not in the story,

everyone can see, just as the spirit of strength in our children, not everyone are able to perceive, but there is so smart, deep and powerful nature.


  • 陈旭明(芽爸)

  • 吕佳维(蚂蚁)

  • 郑玉婷(桃子)

  • 何珂璐(太阳)

  • 徐巧维(考拉)

Educational Idea


Active Inquiry:

curiosity, initiative and learning ability

Take Risks:
be willing to try new thing and have the sense of responsibility

General Selected Course:
broad-minded and knowledgeable

Achieve Mastery Through a Comprehensive Study:

applying knowledge flexibly to practice